A unique beverage concept that benefits both your health and the world


REBBL stands for “roots, extracts, berries, bark, and leaves”, adaptogenic superherbs that make up the foundation of this organic beverage. The concept of REBBL came together after a collaboration between Not For Sale and other thought leaders to identify a sustainable, market-based solution to prevent labor exploitation in the Peruvian Amazon. What began as one drink and a humble crowdfunding campaign has become a top organic beverage brand: BevNet awarded REBBL the prestigious “Best Functional Beverage of 2015”, citing REBBL’s use of “bleeding edge ingredients” and the ability to translate ingredients that deliver high nutritional value into a delicious drink.

REBBL can be found in Whole Foods, Sprouts, New Leaf, Mollie Stone, and other organic food stores across the United States.


  • REBBL is at the confluence of seven major health trends: functional foods ($173 billion), organic ($80 billion), fair trade ($6 billion), non-GMO ($3.5 billion), soy-free/dairy-free ($3.6 billion), healthy fats (~$3 billion), and coconut beverages ($400 million)
  • Natural products industry growing 12% year-over-year, with functional beverages leading in growth year-over-year .
  • Unique brand story that is currently on trend with the super-premium functional beverage surpassed the $2 billion mark.


  • Revenue distribution back to Not For Sale on all gross revenue.
  • Founder’s equity granted to Not For Sale.
  • REBBL is committed to leveraging its increasing market demand to increase “impact sourcing” of ingredients in exploited and at-risk communities where Not For Sale works – creating employment and other opportunities.