Never worry about your car again


MicroMech was founded to solve many of the common problems in the auto service industry for both consumers and mechanics. Their mission is to provide customers the most convenient, professional, and transparent auto service experience imaginable, while at the same time creating greater opportunities for mechanics.

They recognize that traditional auto service can be inconvenient, expensive, and leave people with many questions. They also recognize that auto service can be better, and are passionate about creating an improved auto service experience for our customers and mechanics.

Longterm the vision for the company is the be the “Nest for Cars”. Allowing users of the MicroMech app to measure their car’s health, set regular maintenance, refueling, washing, and more all on auto pilot and a fixed price mode. Never worry about your car again, MicroMech has you covered.



  • Revenue distribution back to Not For Sale on all gross revenue.

  • Founder’s equity granted to Not For Sale.