Ivuriro Kira

Expanding Healthcare Services in Rural Rwanda


Liliane Uwukuli is the Founder, Owner & Managing Director of IVURIRO KIRA (IK) Health Clinic. She is an orphan survivor of the Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda.

Liliane’s sister was injured in during the genocide; it took four visits to the hospital to get her proper health services. This delay in finding care for her sister planted a seed — she would dedicate her life to tend to the health of others, especially those in her home country.

After high school, she worked in health institutions ranging from government-run health centers to nonprofits and finally she started to her own social enterprise.

IK’s mission is to provide comprehensive healthcare services at an affordable cost to low and middle-income people in rural and emerging urban areas of Rwanda. As a  minimum of 1% of net revenue goes back to support people who have been trafficked and/or are in need of direct support.

Liliane’s next goal is expand beyond her current clinic space and for IK to become a full service hospital.

Just Business, along with our sister non-profit agency Not For Sale, are investing in and collaborating with IK.

Together our goal is to grow from 30,000 patients in 2019 to 120,000 in 2020. This will be achieved by moving into a larger hospital, adding new staff, and providing new services.