Haus Of Z

Our Story 

The story of Z begins in the heart of the Amazon of Peru. Dave and Zak Batstone were on an investigative journey traveling down one of the Amazonian tributaries aboard a narrow, wooden boat. Nearly four years prior Dave had created REBBL, a herbal health beverage, with the goal to bring more economic access and opportunity for native communities in the region, and subsequently to at-risk populations all over the world where the ingredients of REBBL are sourced.  So on this particular journey Dave and Zak were returning to the Peruvian Amazon to document the early manifestations of that impact.

While visiting a native community deep in the rainforest, Not For Sale’s Peru director presented them with a shoe made from local natural materials – rubber sourced straight from the tree along with naturally colored cotton picked from yet another local tree.  Dave and Zak had dreamed the creation of a shoe company before they had even re-embarked on their boat.

The Problem

For far too long the production of shoes has relied on sweat shops and toxic materials. The producers of shoes are treated unfairly as the lowest cost in the production process. And nearly every shoe we have in our closet today will be in sitting in a landfill when our great grandchildren populate the earth.  A 21st century shoe company can do better than that.

The Solution

The mission of Haus Of Z is bold and ambitious. We aim to redesign the shoe industry.

Haus Of Z intends to be a world-class brand. We designed our first shoe release in consultation with The Camuto Group, which works exclusively with high-end brands like Gucci and AllSaints. But we also aim to be a movement, to ensure that all of our fans can wear a pair of shoes that brings dignity to people and the planet. Haus of Z will be a powerful agent of change that can move our world in the right direction. Stand with us and join our cause today.