Crowdsourcing everyday products for impact sourcing


Dignita has been acquired by St. Frank Coffee.

Responding to the heightened demand for socially and environmentally impactful goods, Dignitá is collaborating with communities across the globe to crowdsource delicious, everyday products that are as impactful for the producers as they are for the consumer. By selling to and gathering input from customers at Dignitá retail locations, our customers experience new foods from all over the world, and our producers gain access to markets they wouldn’t have been able to reach in the past.


  • Fair Trade certification represents a $6 billion global market with 30% year-on-year growth.
  • Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned with ethical production practices, 68% of consumers purchase a product or service based on a company’s positive reputation.
  • A physical presence to quickly test CPG innovations and iterations directly with consumers.


  • Top-line distribution back to Not For Sale on all gross revenue.
  • Founder’s equity granted to Not For Sale.
  • Dignitá is committed to providing jobs for previously-exploited and at-risk youth  who have graduated from Not For Sale’s Reinvent jobs program.