Private culinary experiences, cooking classes, supports chefs in local communities


Cozymeal is a platform that connects food enthusiasts with local professional chefs. Guests are able to book unique culinary experiences–from cooking classes, private dining experiences, to farmer’s market tours–with the best chefs in town.

Every Cozymeal chef has been handpicked to join the platform, ensuring a great experience for guests. Some have been private family chefs, while others have worked in the world’s best Michelin-starred restaurants.

Cozymeal has now been used by thousands of guests, as well as hotels looking to provide a distinctive experience for hotel guests and companies that want to give their employees a new way to bond with their teams.


  • The global restaurant industry is a $1.5TR market, and consumers are continually seeking new experiences.


  • Cozymeal brings the sharing economy experience to the kitchen. By operating in markets with high cost-of-living, where service workers often get priced out, Cozymeal provides additional income opportunities and flexibility for chefs.