American Battery

Powering the future through battery recycling


American Battery Technology is an US-based company focused on providing the sustainable battery metals that will power the future of society. A battery technology company producing high-grade lithium, they focus on sustainable battery recycling and ecological metal extraction. They offer a nimble approach that value battery metals as a non-renewable resource, reusing and reducing battery waste while stewarding scarce resources in the ground. This capitalizes on the growing need for battery metals for electric vehicles, stationary storage, personal electronics and appliances.


The global market for lithium-ion batteries will exceed   $95 billion by 2030.  Furthermore,  11 million metric tons of lithium-ion batteries are expected to reach the end of their service line by 2030.  Demand for lithium-ion batteries is growing exponentially, powering electric vehicles, stationary storage applications, phones, and appliances. Sales of lithium-ion battery powered cars alone have grown by more than 10x since 2013. American Battery is at the foundation of this market, providing the precious metals that are the building blocks of   the electric future.


By pivoting away from mining American Battery reduces impacts on people and the planet, particularly in mining communities in the developing world. 6 out of the 10 most environmentally toxic sites globally are mining related. This reduces e-waste, reduces air and water pollution, and accelerates related Greenhouse Gas reductions. Furthermore,  through a partnership with Not for Sale, the company invests back into communities where mining has previously exploited people.