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Founded in 2006, Just Business began by incubating the non-profit Not For Sale as a response to human trafficking and labor exploitation and has continued to invest in and incubate profitable and forward-thinking ventures dedicated to positive impact in the world.

We believe that mission-based enterprises and for-profit business models can be symbiotic. This intersection of purpose and profit – bringing dignity to people and the planet – enables our best shot at systemic, global change toward inclusion and sustainability. An ecosystem of ventures clustered around positive social change creates synergy that can elevate all member enterprises to faster growth and larger impact. We think of this as a next-generation keiretsu – a set of companies with intersecting missions, interlocking business relationships, and mutually beneficial shareholdings.

Our team brings a unique mix of business and social impact acumen to its ventures, with more than 50 years of collective leadership experience from start-ups to Fortune 500 multinationals, in diverse sectors ranging from consumer products, environmental sustainability, engineering, transportation, media, software, hardware, fashion to e-commerce. The core team at Just Business and its extended international network have cultivated a focused portfolio of enterprises designed to mutually strengthen financially and impact outcomes by prioritizing hands-on collaboration over passive portfolio investing.

Our Team

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David Batstone

David brings a sterling history of achievement and leadership in both the investment sector and the social enterprise space: a business professor at the University of San Francisco and a former investment banker in the technology industry; co-founder and president of the Not For Sale; co-founder and Managing Partner of Just Business.

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Mark Wexler

With years of experience building early and mid-stage social enterprises Mark brings a unique blend of expertise at the crossroads of social impact and financial scale. He has provided managerial and structural oversight of Just Business’s portfolio companies, and along with David Batstone, provides organizational orientation and mission. Additionally, he serves as the CEO of Not For Sale.

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William (Billy) Riggs

Billy has a background working with companies in transportation, environmental planning, design and real estate. He is a professor at the University of San Francisco, and has two decades of experience working as as a global thought leader in city planning, economics and engineering.  He has over 100 publications, and his most recent book is titled Disruptive Transport: Driverless Cars, Transport Innovation and the Sustainable City of Tomorrow.

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Terra Judge

Terra works to create a world in which business is a mechanism to ensure all people are treated with dignity. She received her B.A. from UCLA and then graduated from New York University School of Law. She practiced as an immigration attorney in New York and the San Francisco Bay Area, and has also worked as a magazine editor covering travel and the effects of globalization; and at a digital marketing firm, focusing on empowering socially conscious brands to tell their stories to consumers with authenticity. She has lived abroad in Argentina and Colombia.

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Joachim Karthäuser
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Henrik Strängh