Andrews Ag

Sustainable agriculture technologies that benefit the farmer, consumer, & environment


Andrews Ag Solutions is a green technology company, repurposing farm waste into organic fertilizer and energy-related products.

Andrews Ag Solutions has developed partnerships with the USDA, large-farm animal producers, and fertilizer companies, and has created a network of professionals in multiple disciplines to advance sustainable agriculture and agricultural technologies.


  • Currently no source of organic ammonium sulfate,a key chemical in increasing crop production.
  • Current market valuation of fertilizer at $19B.
  • Tougher government standards reduces composting and fertilizer available in markets.
  • Reduce manure handling costs while producing marketable product.


  • Market leader in environmental remediation.
  • Carbon sequestration; reduce or eliminate pollution from confined animal feeding operations which contributes to 18% of anthropogenic greenhouse gases emitted
  • Organic ammonium sulfate is water soluble for immediate plant intake reducing the risk of runoffs and polluting water supply